Antares Autotune Pro now 100% accessible with Type:Hear

Antares Autotune Pro now 100% accessible with Type:Hear

Type:Hear overlays put a little help at your fingertips. When used, you can save hundreds of mouse clicks and movements each day, saving yourself minutes and hours throughout a project.

Whether you use VoiceOver (the built-in screen reader on macOS) or are just looking for a faster workflow with the keyboard Type: Hear automated workflow overlays will help you to

  1. Improve your productivity/efficient and time-saving
  2. Speed up your production/multi-tasking
  3. Give you a faster workflow via keyboard shortcuts/cutting down on your mouse usage helping reduce the risks of RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury)

Cheaper than an audio editing shortcut keyboard, and more advanced than an audio editing keyboard cover, workflows range from simple one action tasks to multiple actions that perform a series of complex tasks.

You don’t need to learn complicated programming or scripting languages, you just save time.

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