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Digit Sounds

Classic Hip Hop Horns

Classic Hip Hop Horns

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If you're missing that classic Hip Hop horns section played by world-class musicians then you have come to the right place.

The horns players over at Digit Music have blessed tracks for Shy FX. Craig David, Celeste, Digital Farm Animals, and the list goes on.

Classic Hip Hop Horns is inspired by New York 90’s Boom Bap Hip Hop and artists such as Mobb Deep and Dj Premier.

These horns are so fire that they can work as a stand-alone basis for a track or can be added on top of your tracks to make them a professional sounding hit. In this pack, there is an enormous variety that will fit your every need. 

Every option has been carefully thought out so you can use the full ensemble loops or load the individual instrument samples into a sampler you can! Load them into your DAW and you have an instant classic!

These Horns are so sick they work perfectly with Hip Hop productions but will be super useful for any genre.

This is, without doubt, the illest horns sample pack out there on the market so hurry and be the first to flip these samples and get your tracks heard all over the radio!


30 Full Ensemble loops
120 Individual loops
120 One-shots
50 FX horns
10 free Boom Bap drum beats!

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