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Satin Voices

Satin Voices

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Download Exquisite Female Vocal Samples

Introducing our latest collection of vocal samples, Satin Voices. Featuring over 400 of our finest female vocal samples to date, this ethereal collection is perfect for soul, house, RnB and electronica plus any style that's crying out for the wonderful human touch. 

Vocal Construction Kits & Harmonies

Digging into this collection you'll firstly be amazed by the sheer attention to detail. Covering an amazing 30 unique construction kits, we've broken the loops down into main mixes, harmonies and single voices ensuring you can easily access exactly the part you need.

From simple, single vocal verses to more embellished choruses with 3 part harmonies, all is available ensuring you'll never come up short.

Explore Perfectly Mixed Vocal One Shot Samples

To accompany these outstanding and beautifully soulful female vocal samples you'll also find a batch of over 160+ vocal one shots covering classic 'oohs' & 'aahhs', phrases, shout outs and so much more.

As always, all the loops are 100% royalty free, arrive in both a dry and wet format and feature a mix ready finish that will effortlessly drop into your DAW of choice. So, if you're looking to add that vocal shine to your collection then this is the one. Primed and ready to be instantly downloaded today!


Size: 2.35 GB
Loops: 308
One Shots: 164
Tempos: 80-140Bpm
Construction Kits: 30
Styles - Soulful female vocal samples. Perfect for House, Hip-Hop, RnB & Soul.

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