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Pattern Up - Drill Melodies MIDI Kit

Pattern Up - Drill Melodies MIDI Kit

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Pattern Up, and grab your Drill Melodies MIDI Kit now!

We’re excited to bring you the 3rd MIDI Kit of our Drill MIDI collection - “Pattern Up - Drill Melodies MIDI Kit”!

All MIDI in this kit has been created by Harry “Runone” Robinson. Runone has been writing and producing for over 20 years, and has toured with some of the world’s leading artists.

Writing the perfect melody can be a huge barrier for a lot of producers. If you're struggling to write them intricate, professional sounding melodies to give your beats the all important edge and get the placements you want, this MIDI Kit is perfect for you.


50 MIDI Files
Sounds ranging in style from Dark & Mysterious to Vibrant & Melodic
A range of Chord Progressions, Melodies and Plucks

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