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Digit Sounds

Samba Rhythms

Samba Rhythms

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Authentic Brazilian Percussion Samples

Discover the rhythm and soul of South America with Digit Sounds' new sample pack ‘Samba Rhythms’ - a collection crafted in collaboration with the renowned percussion artists El Guapo Musica. Designed for music producers and artists spanning a variety of genres, from House and Hip-Hop to Pop, this pack is perfect for incorporating authentic Brazilian and South American percussion sounds into your tracks.

Elevate Your Music Production with Vibrant Brazilian Samples

We’ve included over 250 live percussion loops and drum loops, and over 100 one-shots, featuring a range of instruments directly from the heart of Brazilian music. This sample pack includes everything from the energising rhythms of the Afoxe and Agogo to the deep beats of the Surdo and the crisp sounds of the Caixa. These meticulously recorded Brazilian samples and drum loops offer an unparalleled depth of sound, perfect for creating dynamic and rhythmically complex tracks.

Whether you're crafting the next chart-topping hit or adding a unique flair to your sound, this Brazilian Percussion pack provides the versatility and authenticity to elevate your music production.

Instant Access to 100% Royalty-Free Brazilian Percussion Loops

As always, all samples are 100% royalty-free, ensuring you can create freely without constraints, whether you're working on personal projects or commercial releases. 


Size (zipped): 556.1 MB
Loops: 278
One Shots: 127
Tempos: 70 - 120 Bpm
Styles: Brazilian Percussion Samples. Perfect for Pop, Hip-Hop, House, Chillout, Samba, and more.

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