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Black Octopus Sound

Hip Hop Stings

Hip Hop Stings

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Combine the beauty of classical music with the raw style of hip hop and you will just begin to scratch the surface of what is included in the massive 2GB Hip Hop Strings sample pack.

This pack is full of pristine recordings of classical musicians playing emotional, moody, dark, and uplifting melodies and arpeggios. The string players are fans of hip hop and regularly record with hip hop producers, and this translates into loops that are well thought out and fit perfectly in this genre. Elements such as weeping violins, cello power chords, pizzicato plucks, and harmonized riffs can all be combined to construct your own loops and patterns, just drag and drop them into your DAW or MPC for easy chopping and slicing. 

Not only is this pack full of string recordings, there is a huge section dedicated to gritty & raw drums. The drums have an organic quality and will sit perfectly along with the strings in the mix. Build up your own beats from scratch using the included one shots, or chop up and slice to loops to build your own variations.

We have also included 3 full songs broken down into stems which work as starters for immediate remixing.


21 Bass loops
55 Cello loops
96 Drum Hits
105 Drumloops (25 Full with variations such as stripped, kick free, perc, top)
44 Music loops
3 Full Song Starters containing 63 stems
20 String Ensembles
33 Viola loops
33 Violin loops
* All loops are supplied at 95 bpm.

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