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Black Octopus Sound

Evolving Textures

Evolving Textures

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Black Octopus presents an ethereal journey into sound with Evolving Textures volume 1.

The evolving soundscapes in this pack span over 70 minutes and are separated into different moods such as Ethereal, Haunting, and Tense etc. Adding these soundscapes into music productions can add an interesting dimension to your music and will fit into many genres like ambient, chillout, dubstep, minimal, techno, progressive, and more.

The sounds will also work perfect for film scoring and for adding ambience into games and music. The two bonus tutorials contain information on how to side-chain the textures for additional movement, and how to slice the textures to a sampler to play different sections on a MIDI keyboard.


10 Arpeggiated Textures
10 Atonal Textures
10 Ethereal Textures
10 Hauning Textures
10 Major Textures
10 Rhythmical Textures
10 Tense Textures
2 Bonus videos

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