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Digit Sounds

Drill Drums - Free MIDI Pack

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This collection of Drill Drums MIDI will effortlessly take your beats to the next level.

All MIDI in this pack has been carefully mapped out, with detailed Hi Hats, exciting Snare patterns, bouncy percussion rolls & more.

MIDI is the perfect place to start with your beats - lay down your hi hats MIDI alongside some percussion MIDI and kick MIDI, and your beats will instantly have that desired bounce that every rapper wants to hear.


5 Complete sets of Drum MIDI, spread across 140BPM and 142BPM.
27 MIDI Files in total
5 Hi Hat MIDI Files
5 Counter Hi Hat MIDI Files
7 Snare / Clap MIDI Files
5 Kick MIDI Files
5 Counter Snare / Percussion MIDI Files