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Digit Sounds

Digit 12's - Free Percussion Samples

Digit 12's - Free Percussion Samples

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Free Brazilian Percussion Samples

Dive into the vibrant rhythms of Brazil with our latest edition of Digit 12’s, featuring an exclusive collection of free percussion samples. Elevate your tracks with authentic Brazilian beats.

100% Royalty Free Samples

Perfect for producers and musicians alike, these samples are a treasure trove for adding a touch of Brazil to your music. Whether you're creating Latin-inspired tracks or seeking unique elements for any genre, this pack delivers top-quality sounds.

All samples are 100% royalty-free, ensuring you have complete freedom to craft without limits in your musical projects.


Size: 30.1 Mb (Zipped)
Loops: 16
Tempos: 70 - 100 Bpm
Styles - Free Percussion Samples. Perfect for Latin, Hip Hop, Samba & more.

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