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Digit Sounds

Digit 12's - Free DnB Samples

Digit 12's - Free DnB Samples

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Download Hard DnB Samples

This month, we're excited to bring you a collection of carefully selected DnB samples. Whether you're producing hard-hitting DnB, atmospheric liquid, or high-energy jump-up, these samples are designed to elevate your tracks. Primed for flipping & chopping!

Bass, Drums & More!

From thunderous basslines and intricate drum patterns to mesmerising synth melodies and ambient textures, each sample is a gateway to new creative possibilities. The tempos range from 160-180 BPM - typical of DnB, ensuring versatility for any project.


Size: 42 Mb
Loops: 15
Tempos: 160-180 Bpm
Styles - Free DnB Samples. Perfect for Drum & Bass, Jungle and more.

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