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Classic Hip Hop Guitars

Classic Hip Hop Guitars

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This untouchable sample pack was inspired by legendary OG Hip Hop acts such as Mobb Deep, Gang Starr, Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique and Non Phixion. The vibe of this sample pack is not only raw and dark sounding, there’s also some funky / jazzy loops thrown in there paying homage to groups like Jurassic 5 and De la Soul. No matter the mood, as long as it’s a classic sounding loop then it’s made it onto this heatrock of a pack!

Classic Hip Hop Guitars was written and performed by one of the world’s leading session guitarists, Lewie Allen. 

Lewie has played and written for the world’s leading artists such as Sam Smith, Jessie J, Zayn and Liam Payne (One Direction) to name just a few.


    A variety of 3 bpm’s (80,90 and 100bpm)
    80 Full Ensemble loops (consisting of 3 separate parts)
    240 Separate loops
    90 One-Shots
    6 Bonus Drum Breaks

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