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Atjazz One Shots Vol. 1

Atjazz One Shots Vol. 1

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“When I first started out producing music with samples, one-shot’s that I played up and down the keyboard was everything to me, I had 2MB of memory in my Akai S3000xl, and having this limitation pushed my creative boundaries further than I had ever had them pushed. Less is more!” – Atjazz.

This sample pack has been made for those who like that 'One-Shot' feel when sampling.  80% of the audio samples in this pack are taken from classic & popular Atjazz productions & remixes in order for you to get a little of that Atjazz character into your productions.


233 Audio Files
14x Bass Notes & Bumps
68x Chords
11x Hat One Shots
21x Kick One Shots
14x Maxi One Shots
14x Perc One Shots
16x Rhodes & Chords FX One Shots
36x Snare/Clap/Mids One Shots
9x Textures & Surface Noise
4x Vocal Stabs
4x Full Beat Loops (Incl. 3x High / Mid / Low Stems for each Beat Loop)
10x Fresh Exclusive Synth Chords & Rhodes Washes

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