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909 Drums by Hybrasil

909 Drums by Hybrasil

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The Roland TR-909 Drum Machine is one of the most recognisable and sought after Drum Machines in the world of music. Our brand new 909 Drums sample pack is the most in-depth, useful and effective 909 sample pack on the market for any producers & artists looking for the perfect analogue sounding Drums.

This sample pack was written and produced by Hybrasil.

Currently living in Berlin, Hybrasil releases with Carl Cox & Christopher Coe's Awesome Soundwave label for live artists, Radio Slave's Rekids imprint and Marco Faraone's Uncage. 

“I have been working with this machine since 2016. Since then, a lot of work has gone into servicing, maintaining, modifying and customising this unit. There are pitch mods on the Hi-hats and the Rim shot (which makes it sound kind of like an 808 rim shot). The step sequencer is bolted to the front which makes it super reliable for finger drumming. With these modifications it is one of the only 909 drum machines of its type.” - Hybrasil


420 Total Drum Loops, including BPMs 120, 125 and 132.
60 Full Drum Loops
60 Kick Drum Loops
60 Kick Free Drum Loops
60 Stripped Drum Loops
60 Percussion Drum Loops
60 Toploop Drum Loops
60 Toploop Bottom Drum Loops
140 Drum One Shots
20 FX One Shots

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