Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses Reviewed

Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses Reviewed

Hi everyone it’s Jess here from Digit. I'm excited  to tell you about the Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses and my experience. I will give you a quick walk through without giving two meany spoilers.  First let's talk about how easy it was to sign up for the course. All you will need is to create an account and then you will be away……. Yes it really is that simple. See an image example below.  

An image of the form required to enroll to become a Sound Trap certified educator.

Overview, likes and dislikes of each parts of the training Level 1

Once you are signed in you will have the pleasure of discovering the three levels of training soundtrap offers in music. There is also a podcast training but for this blog I'm just going to focus on music but I also did the  podcast one so I fully recommend you do both. 

Let's talk level 1 what is great about this Course is that it’s a nice introduction to Soundtrap as an educator it takes you through everything you need to know in the very beginning from :

  1. Outside the Studio 
  2. In The Studio - Universal Skills
  3. Inside The Studio - Music
  4. Test & Closing

Things I liked include 

  • Simple to follow and understand 
  • You could retake the test at the end if needed 
  • How it feeds my determination and competitive spirit to want to receive the certificate and badge at the end and if you're anything like me that motivates you to give it 100%

 Dislikes Include 

As an educator I found it frustrating that I couldn't skip a section if I already knew what to do. Yes, I agree it’s good to refresh but I would have prefered the option. 

Overview, likes and dislikes of each parts of the training Level 2

So now you know what you will cover will level 1 what happens as you go onto level 2 well as an educator the journey is only beginning and the really exciting thing is now you get to dig into even more of what the DAW has to offer such as:

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Creating Your Own Sound
  3. Audio Effects
  4. MIDI
  5. Curriculum Connection (Use Cases)
  6. Final Test

 Things I liked include 

  • As an educator I fully enjoyed  being able to learn how to best use things such as creating my own sounds, audio effects and MIDI. to give my learners the best possible experience of making music.  
  • I don't want to give too much away but the curriculum connection use cases is extremely insightful. 

Dislikes Include 

The same as before see level 1 dislikes for details.

Overview, likes and dislikes of each parts of the training Level 3

So now you are near the finish line to becoming a fully certified educator you're probably wondering  what level 3 has in store well it has the following: 

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Audio Effects
  3. Audio Basics
  4. Synthesis
  5. Advanced Tools
  6. Curriculum Connection
  7. Certification Test

Things I liked include 

I think what I really liked and enjoyed about this one was it tied everything together making you feel confident to take everything you have learnt and take it into your class or group and just in case knowing you would be certified in level 3 Soundtrap is’t enough then the satisfaction of earning these bages should do it I mean just look…..

So what are you waiting for? GO GET CERTIFIED TODAY! 

Let's make sure as music educators we are giving 100% to deliver amazing music sessions! If that's your goal, then go join the Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses TODAY!

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