Free VSTs You Need To Have

Free VSTs You Need To Have

A man is only as good as his tools and a producer is only as good as his virtual instruments. That’s not to say that you have to spend thousands to get a high quality sound, in fact I’ve created a list of some of my favourite VST’s that are completely free.


The TyrellN6 is a virtual instrument designed to replicate an analogue hardware synthesizer. The synth has two oscillators, noise and a ring modulator with both mono and poly capabilities. It comes loaded with 580 factory presets for you to cycle through and play around with.

This would be a great tool for someone wanting to learn the fundamentals of synthesis as all the basic concepts are laid out very simply. The TyrrelN6 is definitely a necessity to have in your arsenal and can provide a whole range of interesting and unique sounds.


Spitfire Audio are consistent in creating extremely high quality content and Labs is no exception. Labs is made up of multiple different software instruments created from sampled acoustic instruments.

This plug in is ideal for people looking to write scores as it features many unique and dramatic sounds. My personal favourite is the Soft Piano as it’s perfect for creating a melancholic atmosphere within your music.


Helm is a standalone synthesizer created by Matt Tytel. It features some very interesting features to help create a very unique sound such as the ‘Stutter’ function. The synth also has a built in distortion, delay and reverb.

Similarly to the Tyrell, I would also recommend this virtual synth to anyone looking to learn about synthesis but unlike the Tyrell, the Helm is also a great tool to learn about sequencing.

Drum Boxx

The Drum Boxx is an incredibly powerful virtual synth for creating your very own drum sounds. If you’re tired of using the same drum samples and want to create a sound that is unique then this synth is definitely a must have.

The synth comes with a built in Delay, EQ and Distortion and so there is a huge range of sounds that you are able to make with this VST.

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