Tim Yates facing his laptop camera during the Normalising the Conversation conference

Drake Music's Tim Yates on Normalising the Conversation

On the 8th January, I joined the panel for Jason Dasent’s online conference ‘Normalising the Conversation’. It was an absolute pleasure to take part in, and wonderful to see participants from industry, academia and the charity sector together in one place talking about accessibility in music making.

Screenshot of six conference panellists facing their cameras

The conversation was incredibly constructive; it really felt like everyone was coming from the right place, showing a real commitment to changing things for the better. We’ve had fantastic subsequent conversations with panellists Tim Adnitt from Native Instruments and Dan Clarke from Focusrite, along with Luke Matthews and the Focusrite Accessibility Steering Group, and are now in the process of setting up some exciting collaborations. I’m really looking forward to working together to make real change happen. The fact that there will be a host of tangible outcomes from the event shows how important and impactful it was and demonstrates the need to keep the conversation going.

It’s obviously a difficult time for Drake Music, like for everyone, frustrating in that we’re prevented from moving forward at full speed with our instrument development work and in building the Accessible Musical Instrument Collection, AMIC.

We’re keeping very busy in the meantime building support and infrastructure to support our work, and we’re excited for the prospects we have ahead of us once lockdown eases. Hopefully there will be many more events like ‘Normalising the Conversation’ that take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships that might not have been possible pre-pandemic, and that we can translate that into real-world outcomes over the coming months and years.

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