Behind The Beats: Fresh As Funk

A Sample Pack With A Difference

When it comes to recording authentic 70’s funk samples, one needs all the ingredients to be working in unison. In what would become a mammoth task, that’s the challenge that we set ourselves.

Calling on friends, session musicians, world class studios and endless planning, the Fresh As Funk sample pack was born.

In this article we’re going to be going ‘behind the beats’. Showcasing the individual musicians that made the pack so great plus show how the sum of the parts is always greater than the individual.


Fresh As Funk Guitars 

Inspired by 70s Funk & soul artists such as Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, CHIC, Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang - No stone was left unturned when creating our most authentic collection of 70’s tinged live guitar samples to date. 


A Construction Kit Like No Other..

Broken down into 3 individual packs (Drums, Guitars & Brass), these are also available as a bundle, the Fresh as Funk sample packs covers two main points perfectly:

  • Each sample is incredible on its own as well as part of the full mix.

This was crucial to the process. We refuse to create sounds that don’t work on their own. We ensured each loop was endlessly inspiring whilst also carrying a super power.


  • All samples work together seamlessly

Recorded individually but composed in one single room. All loops in the pack work together perfectly providing the most authentic 70’s funk & soul back drop possible. Recreating the soul and feel of those iconic records, this one is truly beautiful.

Recording The Funk Guitars

When recording the guitars for the pack there was only one name on the list. Lewie Allen!

Having shared the stage with artists such as Sam Smith, Jessie J, Zayn and Liam Payne to name just a few, Lewie knows exactly what it takes to get that authentic tone.


Tracking wise, Lewie turned to his trusty vintage Fender American Strat, straight into a beautiful Fender Super Reverb amp all running through a pristine Universal Audio signal path. We wanted to ensure that the sounds in the sample pack were an accurate representation of the sounds that originated in the 70s - Lewie is definitely the man for the job.

Drums With That 70’s Feel

Next up was the drums. This pack was written and performed by Jonathan “Ginger” Hamilton – one of the world’s leading session drummers, Ginger has toured with the likes of Sam Smith and Jessie J.

Tracked inline with the Fresh As Funk Guitars, that beautifully authentic 70s sounds is clear for all to see. Played on an exquisite 1971 Ludwig drum kit, and ran through world-class preamps, each break perfectly works against the swing and groove of the funk guitars - such an incredible combo!

Last up, the brass samples.

What better way than to complete the Fresh as Funk trio than with horns & brass? Reaching out to Jon Spanyol and Joe Rodwell. Two world class horn players, the duo form ⅔ of the group “Ace Horns”, and have performed with Shy FX, Craig David, Rag ’n’ Bone Man, Celeste and Digital Farm Animals.

To record the horns in this sample pack, Jon used a Conn 100h Trombone and a Yamaha YTR2320 trumpet. Recording came in the form of a vintage Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone and Focusrite ISA Two preamp.

Joe ran his Trumpet and Tenor Sax through a Shure SM98, Neve 1073 pre-amp then controlled with a classic 1176 compressor. 

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